Situated in the Heart of the Gay Village Green Point, The Hot House provides the leisure facilities that every gay man would desire.

bar & facilities

Cocktails, Beer, Wine, milkshakes and a wide selection of Spirits available at the Bar. The restaurant also serves snacks & hot chips.  Our coffee is freshly made on our espresso machine.

private cabins

We have a range of private cabins available. From larger double size cabins with video facilities and extra towels, to  cabins without video.

adult store

A state-of-the-art, sensual, erotic and satisfying range of innovative Sex Toys & Lubrications designed by the world’s best manufacturers for maximum erotic pleasure a colourful, bright, active and exciting sexual life.

tv & video lounges

The regular lounge has satellite television to keep you entertained. There are also two more secluded lounges where more raunchy videos are displayed. One is under the stairs area and another is in the amphitheatre seating area.

hot sauna

The wooden interior sauna with ample room and levels provides the ideal place to sweat out, cleanse the body of toxins.

steam room

The large steam room provides a u-shaped area with plenty of seating and also two private corner areas. 


Downstairs is a large 12 seater jacuzzi with bubbles to soothe and massage you. Also, jets!

sundeck & views

sundeck & The upstairs sundeck is perfect to catch some rays on the sun loungers and be cooled down by our misters.

dark room

The dark room area provides an alternative space with locking cubicles to interact. A television provides background.

maze area

The maze consists of inter-connected corridors, cabins, dark areas and also an amphitheatre. 


Come gamble in a modern, upmarket atmosphere in the upstairs lounge area.

the social bar

Join the social fun at the new upstairs bar with breathtaking views of the harbour. Refer to our website for opening times and events. 

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