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Adult store

Hothouse Adult Store is delighted to present state-of-the-art, sensual, erotic and satisfying range of innovative Sex Toys, stimulants & Lubrications designed by the world’s best manufacturers for maximum erotic pleasure a colourful, bright, active and exciting sexual life.

We have something for everyone to bring new sensation and make you and your partner forget about boredom & banality. Ground-breaking, contemporary and truly satisfying sex toys will allow you to get maximum pleasure from your own body and enhance the masturbation experience.


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Any thickness, any length, any shape, any color. You name it, we can get it.

cock rings

Rubber, metal, leather, studded, these are just a few of the types of cock rings we have in store for you.


Water-based, oil-based, butter-based, ok not butter basted, but lube that will make slippery, no matter where or when you apply it.


When you’re tired of the usual suspects, let’s break out the special cupboard with the special curiosities. Everyone likes a bit of kink now and then.


Something to cover your box, or at least partially cover it, until you’re ready to take it off anyway, right?